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Survey on audiovisual media as an economic factor


Germany´s audiovisual media industry accounts for 829,000 employees and stimulates gross value added of 67 billion euros

European Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger underscores the significance of the industry for the competitive standing of Germany and Europe as a business location

Berlin, 10 July 2017 The audio and audiovisual media industry in Germany accounts for gross value added in the amount of 66.9 billion euros and a total of some 829,000 employees. This sector therefore generates a 2.45-percent share of the gross value added and 1.93 percent of total employment in Germany. These are the key findings of a survey entitled "The macroeconomic significance of audio and audiovisual media in Germany", which was presented today in Berlin by the Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services in Germany (VPRT) and handed over to European Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger. The survey conducted on behalf of the Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services (VPRT) was carried out by IW Consult GmbH, a subsidiary of the Institute for Economic Research in Cologne, and Economica GmbH, Vienna. For the first time, the two research institutes have included all sectors connected with audio and audiovisual media, along with their overall economic impact (database 2015).

Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources: "The audio and audiovisual media are one of the five largest sectors in Germany, making them a vital industry for both the German and European economies as a whole. This sector is stimulating a growth market, which is why we in Europe must assert our audiovisual and digital sovereignty."

Hans Demmel, Chairman of the Management Board at VPRT and Managing Di-rector of the news channel n-tv: "Compared with other industries, the audiovisual media sectors plays an important role. The figures we have compiled clearly illustrate the significance of our industry as an economic factor. We are therefore counting on our concerns being addressed with the importance they deserve at a political level."

Klaus Schunk, Chairman of the Radio & Audio Services Board at VPRT and Man-aging Director of Radio Regenbogen: "Radio and audio offerings are a mainstay of the audiovisual economy as a whole. Audio offerings are in fact recording dynamic growth. At the same time, increasingly stronger global platforms and technology providers are however forcing their way into the market and competition is becoming tougher. This is mainly affecting commercial radio and audio providers who promote diversity at a regional level. To ensure that they will still be able to fulfil this role in future, they are dependent on fair competitive conditions in the areas of findability and refinancing. This calls for special attention on the part of politicians in Germany and Europe."

Dr. Anna Kleissner, Economica GmbH: "Until now, the audio and audiovisual media industry has been greatly underestimated in terms of its economic significance. This is strikingly illustrated by the results of our impact analysis based on the first worldwide satellite account for audio and audiovisual media. The entire industry accounts for 2.45 percent of Germany´s gross value added and 1.93 percent of its total employment figures."

Dr. Roman Bertenrath, IW Consult GmbH: "Via enabler effects, the audio and audiovisual media do in fact stimulate even more value added and employment. They are a growth and innovation engine – even beyond their own sectoral boundaries – and the number of patent applications, as well as Germany´s high involvement in international inventor networks, are good indicators for ongoing growth in this sector." 

The high macroeconomic standing of the audiovisual media landscape in German is due to its diverse range of and the strong demand for audiovisual media content. Notably in the case of radio and television, which are still the German population´s two most popular leisure activities, taking into account both commercial and public service offerings. Added to these are web radio and web TV, audio-on-demand and video-on-demand, as well as convergent and interactive offerings, such as Smart Radio, Smart TV and video games, and of course also cinema and all further forms of audiovisual media. The high demand for audiovisual media stimulates positive effects in many other sectors, for instance among content producers, in the music and sports industries, among network operators and equipment manufacturers, in the retail sector, the advertising industry and many other branches. Overall, this gives rise to very high level of relevance for the national economy on the part of audio and audiovisual media.

Survey methodology
For the purpose of the survey, all goods and services relating to audio and audiovisual media classified within the scope of the National Accounts were pooled to form a so-called audio and audiovisual media satellite account. On this basis, it was possible to conduct an interaction analysis which allowed for identification not only of their direct impact on production value, value added and employment in Germany, but also their indirect and induced impact. The databases used comprised the National Accounts, Federal Statistical Office Input-Output Tables, Federal Statistical Office services and industry statistics, em-ployment statistics published by the Federal Employment Agency, as well as in-dividual and specialized statistics from authorities and industry associations, re-lating in each case to the 2015 financial year. In order to validate the results of the impact analysis and satellite account, expert interviews were also conducted.

Additional VPRT publications
VPRT monitors market developments in Germany´s audio and audiovisual media sector based on regular surveys and publications. This year, the Association has already published its VPRT Media Use Analysis and the VPRT Advertising Market Analysis. At the end of July, the Association will be updating its annual Pay-TV and Paid-Video-on-Demand Statistics, followed by publication of the Audiovisual Media Revenue Statistics 2017 in the autumn.

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