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VPRT advertising market forecast for Germany (Spring 2016)


German industry boosts investment in TV and radio advertising

• Radio and TV continue to gain greater share of advertising market
• Increase in revenue forecast for audiovisual media up to €5.7 bn
• High reach becoming more and more valuable for advertisers

Berlin, May 19, 2016 Coinciding with the annual "Advertising Plenum" organised by the German Advertising Federation (ZAW), the Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services in Germany (VPRT) has today published its spring forecast on ongoing trends in the advertising market during 2016 in the fields of TV, radio, audio and video advertising. In the case of audiovisual media, the Association is predicting total revenue growth of 3 to 4 percent for 2016 (2015: +3.9 percent) to around 5.7 billion euros (2015: 5.5 billion euros), with an approximately 38 percent share of the advertising market (2015: 36 percent).

Claus Grewenig, Managing Director of VPRT, commented: "The figures impressively underscore the relevance of the radio and television industry, also as an economic factor. At the same time, the industry´s overall framework and its development potential are the key concerns of VPRT´s member companies. In view of the concrete results expected from the Federal and State Governments´ Committee on media convergence as well as the discussion on maintaining the freedom to advertise, we expect the political debate to focus on these concerns in 2016."

According to its trend forecast, VPRT anticipates a further rise in the demand for both audiovisual media content and audiovisual advertising opportunities over the period 2017-2021. In the case of linear offerings, performance is expected to be stable, while high momentum in terms of growth and innovation is forecast for content distributed via non-linear and interactive channels (e.g. video-on-demand, audio-on-demand, Smart Radio, Smart TV and virtual reality). At the same time, VPRT foresees ongoing fragmentation, new market entries, strong international competition and consequently a further increase in advertising intensity over the coming years. In this market environment, media enterprises will be making considerable investments in content and technical innovations (e.g. advertising technologies). In view of this, the greatest challenge will continue to be creating a convergent regulatory framework, along with fair competitive conditions. As far as the advertising industry is concerned, advertising in audiovisual media will continue to gain significance as a key factor in promoting its innovative ability and competitive strength.

Today's figures published by VPRT supplement Germany's official advertising statistics issued by the ZAW which are based, among other things, on the revenue reports compiled each year by VPRT. The VPRT Spring Forecast for the Advertising Market in 2016 is based on a survey conducted among relevant companies and expert interviews.


Additional charts


German advertising revenue forecast

  German advertising revenue forecast Television +2 to +3 percent In-stream video +25 to +30 percent TV & video +4 to +5 percent Radio +1 to +2 percent In-stream Audio +40 to +50 percent Radio & audio +2 to +3 percent

Source: VPRT advertising market forecast for Germany (Spring 2016)


Development in net advertising revenue generated by audiovisual media (2009-2016e)
Net advertising revenue in Germany in EUR mill.

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016e Television 3,639.60 3,953.73 3,981.17 4,037.70 4,125.13 4,292.16 4,421.85 4,510 - 4,555 In-stream video - - - - 200 250 320 400 - 416 TV & video - - - - 4,325.13 4,542.16 4,741.85 4,910 - 4,971 Radio 678.49 692.06 709.15 719.65 746.11 737.66 742.79 750 - 758 In-stream audio - - - - <10 11 15 21 - 23 Radio & audio - - - - ca. 754 748.66 757.79 771 - 780 Total A/V 4,318.09 4,645.79 4,690.32 4,757.35 5,079.13 5,290.82 5,499.64 5,682 - 5,751

Source: VPRT advertising market forecast for Germany (Spring 2016)


Development in advertising market shares (2011-2016e)
Share of net advertising revenue included in the ZAW statistics, in percent

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016e Television 24.83% 26.02% 26.85% 28.00% 29.06% >30% Radio 4.42% 4.64% 4.86% 4.81% 4.88% >5% Total A/V 29.26% 30.66% 33.06% 34.51% 36.15% ca. 38 %

Source: VPRT advertising market forecast for Germany (Spring 2016)


Additional VPRT publications
VPRT promotes market development in Germany´s audiovisual media sector based on regular surveys and publications. In 2016, the Association has already published the VPRT Media Use Analysis 2015 and, following this spring forecast on the advertising market in 2016, will be highlighting developments on the pay-TV market during the summer with its pay-TV statistics (July) and in the autumn, will be publishing its 2016 revenue forecast for all relevant audiovisual media sectors (October).

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