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The Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services in Germany (VPRT) represents commercial broadcasting and audiovisual companies in Germany. With their TV, radio, online and mobile offerings, its approximately 150 members enhance Germany´s media landscape in terms of diversity, creativity and innovation. To ensure that things remain this way even in the digital world, the regulatory, technological and economic parameters must be right. As a trade association, we support our companies in their dialogue with politicians and market partners in order to achieve this goal – at both a national and EU level.


On May 21, 2018, the German industry association of commercial broadcasters and audiovisual media, VPRT, is to change its name to VAUNET – German Media Association.

Media usage 2017 - Germans spend nine hours each day consuming audiovisual media

Seven hours a day using radio and TV • One hour a day streaming audio and video • Just under one hour a day with other audiovisual media • New record usage shows high social and economic relevance of audiovisual media

VPRT Forecast for the German Media Market in 2017

Audiovisual media as an economic factor - revenue increases by 637 million euros to reach a total of 11.6 billion euros, growth in all segments

Charts VPRT Forecast for the German Media Market in 2017

On the Path to Growth – for the first time, pay TV and video services generate 3 billion euros

2016: revenue of more than 3 billion euros (+11%) in German-speaking territories • 2017: further growth of 10% to 12% expected • Documentaries, children´s programme, music, sports and entertain-ment programmes win over customers • Sport on pay TV much more than "just" football

Survey on audiovisual media as an economic factor

Germany´s audiovisual media industry accounts for 829,000 employees and stimulates gross value added of 67 billion euro. European Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger underscores the significance of the industry for the competitive standing of Germany and Europe as a business location.

VPRT German Advertising Market Forecast Spring 2017

6 Billion Euros in Advertising Revenue Expected For TV, Radio, Video and Audio Offerings in Germany

Charts VPRT Spring Forecast for the German Media Market in 2017

Statement by the ACT, COBA, CRTV, EGTA, and VPRT on the review of the AVMS directive

In einer gemeinsamen Pressemitteilung haben VPRT, ACT, egta, Coba und Confindustria auf die Bedeutung der Revision der AVMD-Richtlinie für die Zukunftsfähigkeit der audiovisuellen Medien hinweist.

Charts Media Usage in Germany 2016


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